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Professoren/Marco Heimann

Marco Heimann


I'm a German expat living in France. I grew up in rural Bavaria until my family moved to Coumetorte when I was 18. I decided to follow them and to finish my last two years at the Deutsche Schule Toulouse.

After receiving my Abitur I was fed up with school and wanted to work and travel the world. So I became a receptionist, sold guided tours to tourists in Paris, worked as a barman, and... traveled the world.

After two years I felt that the intellectual part of my life was missing and thought that Studying Psychology at Toulouse University would be a good idea. Because during the first three years there aren't too many classes I had enough time to become interested in financial markets (Becoming interested meant at the time that I opened a brokerage account and stared at my positions for hours).

After reading Daniel Kahneman I wanted to do a masters thesis on psychological aspects of finance. In retrospective, I have to say that since then Jean-François Bonnefon has had the biggest influence on my scholarly development. He not only supervised my Masters, and my Ph.D. on socially responsible investments, but also introduced me to Sébastien Pouget and Etienne Mullet.

I hold PhDs in Finance and Psychology and have focused my research on how psychological variables influence peoples'  economic decisions. Since I have been teaching a lot of statistics at IAE Toulouse I also have a tendency to favor quantitative methods.
Today, I am an assistant professor at iaelyon and teach mostly graduate students. My research affiliation is with Maggelan Research Center where I'm a permanent member of the finance department and of a research group on corporate social responsibility. Since arriving in Lyon I have published several works with Katia Lobre-Lebraty on responsible investment behavior.
I'm a member of the UNPRI academic network and the FDIR chair. I have published in top-tier journals and have been awarded the FIR-PRI Finance & Sustainability research grant, and the Novéla prize. My Ph.D. Dissertation Experimental Studies on Moral Values in Finance has received the Prix de thèse MSHS-T and the Prix Garrigou.