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Professoren/Birgit Hagen

Birgit Hagen

Birgit Hagen is Associate Professor at the University of Pavia in Italy. Her fields of teaching and research are international entrepreneurship and marketing, strategic postures of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and business strategy more in general. Her work is published in scientific journals (e.g. International Business Review, Management International Review, International Marketing Review), various book chapters and books on international entrepreneurship and business strategy in international SMEs. She teaches at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level and is a member of the Doctoral committee of the PhD program in Applied Economics and Management of the University of Pavia and the University of Bergamo.

Birgit Hagen was and is involved in numerous European projects (Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ Strategic partnerships) in the areas of international entrepreneurship and marketing. Birgit Hagen is also the executive Vice-president of the Foundation Alma Mater Ticinensis.

Before joining the University of Pavia, she worked for a leading pharmaceutical MNE in strategic and international marketing in Austria, France, and in Italy where she held the position of the Head of Marketing.

She is a member of the European Academy of International Business, the Academy of International Business, and of the Italian Societies of Management and Marketing.