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  • Key factors for determining how to keep senior employees in work: between employability and job insecurity. - Dr. Raguiata BAH
  • The role of ICT in strategic meetings: The case of the African Development Bank. - Dr. Mahamat Issein BARDI
  • The role of the Director in the improvement of the performance of private higher education institutions in Benin: A proposal for a process-led management model. - Dr. Codjo Charles KOUPHIN
  • Key organisational performance factors in construction companies in Mauritania. - Dr. Mohamed Bilal MESSOUD
  • Impact of management and family cohesion on the performance of agricultural and family exploitations in N’Débougou and the ‘Office du Niger’ areas. - Dr. Moussa SOW
  • Impact of accountability of the operations team on the performance of ongoing building construction projects in Cameroon: A case study. - Dr. Bruno FOMO
  • Quels sont les effets d’une formation en Communication Non-Violente sur l’Intelligence Émotionnelle des individus dans les organisations ? - Dr. Frédéric ROZIÈRE
  • L’influence des alignements stratégiques traduits sur le succès des systèmes d’information. - Dr. Mazen ALI
  • Key success factors for the internationalisation of Moroccan SMEs. - Dr. Jaouad ZOGGARH
  • Einführung der EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung: Auswirkungen und Handlungsempfehlungen für die Unternehmensbereiche, Geschäftsleitung, Personal sowie Informationstechnologie. - Dr. Murad ERSERBETCI
  • Besteuerung juristischer Personen des öffentlichen Rechts am Bei-spiel der Gemeinde Hilter am Teutoburger Wald unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des § 2b Umsatzsteuergesetz - Dr. Marc SCHEWSKI
  • What matters to investment professionals in decision making? The role of soft factors in stock selection. - Dr. Marcus BÄUMER
  • ESG in Private Equity and other alternative asset classes: What the industry has accomplished so far regarding Environmental, Social and Governance matters. - Dr. Jens HOELLERMANN
  • Access to financing: Leveraging the inclusion of SMEs in the value chain. The case of the oil and gas sector in Senegal. - Dr. Amadou TALL
  • How can the participative and self-centered management of communities driven by micro-financing contribute to reducing poverty? The case of the Republic of Guinea. - Dr. Guy Laurent FONDJO
  • The behaviour of agricultural business faced with the risks and prospects in insurance coverage: The case of family business farms in Guinea. - Dr. Bernard GOUMOU
  • Proposal of a new service orientation maturity model: the case of information technology service providers of financial institutions in Luxembourg. - Dr. Martin CROSS
  • Sein oder nichtsein von patentboxen in verschiedenen ländern im rechtsvergleich des steuerberaters - Dr. Holger NIEMITZ
  • Integration of green human resource management & green supply chain management in small and medium-sized enterprises. - Dr. Kian Chuan CHANG
  • Information acquisition and knowledge conversion: Towards a routinized innovation process. - Dr. Stefan LETTIG
  • Intangible resources as the basis of value creation in the health sector. A quantitative analysis of the case of anti-microbial photodynamic therapy in dentistry. - Dr. Ulrike VIZETHUM
  • Management von Freiwilligen in luxemburgischen Nonprofit Organisationen. Einige Empfehlungen für die Praxis. - Dr. Maximilien PETIT


  • La mobilisation individuelle et collective, enjeu dans les administrations publiques. Le cas du Ministère de l'Environnement du Sénégal. - Dr. Mallé Ibn Aboubakry FOFANA
  • The management of stakeholders in a road transport corridor for logistics performance, the case of the Dakar Bamako corridor. - Dr. Papa Souleye FAYE
  • Strategies for fighting against vulnerability in rural zones, through the involvement of communities and social projects in Niger: the case of Ifara. - Dr. Zeinabou Sanda MAMANE SANDA
  • How to rethink digital training models in emerging economies (case of Afghanistan). - Dr. Djawed SANGDEL
  • Religious identity and management in the Ivory Coast: An exploratory study of Human Resource Managers in private companies located in Abidjan. - Dr. Guy François ABLE
  • The sustainability of local NGOs in Senegal. - Dr. N. Constantin HIEN
  • Difficulties in youth employment in the Ivory Coast: a field study among stakeholders. - Dr. Kouamé François N'DRI
  • Appliquer une « approche de modélisation » de développement dans un système organisationnel multi-acteurs en environnement contraint où la gouvernance est assurée par un acteur dominant. Aviation Civile Privée. Cas d’une compagnie aérienne. - Dr. Ahmed BOUTAMO
  • L’application du « Lean Management » comme fondement d’une conduite de changement pour l’amélioration des Organisations culturelles publiques. L’exemple de son application au Centre Culturel Algérien à Paris. - Dr. Fayçal DJAOUTI
  • From business hibernation to regional cooperation in the Western Balkans. - Dr. Zamira PODE
  • Les stratégies des acteurs dans l’investissement de l’exploration-production des hydrocarbures. Cas du Sénégal. - Dr. Ndèye Aïssatou SY
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) and social performance, a managerial practice applied to the HR Department at the Ministry of Public Health in Niger. - Dr. Aboubacar KORAO
  • Awareness of the risk of an organisation disappearing as a resilience factor: a comparative study of the transformation of a public hospital into a private institution. - Dr. David LARIVIERE
  • Les pratiques du leadership dans les organisations au Maroc : influence de la culture nationale. - Dr. Fadoua TAHARI
  • Understanding the entrepreneurial ability of undergraduate university students. - Dr. David HAYES
  • Rôle stratégique de la facilitation proactive pour les managers d’interface. Compréhension, formation et mise en oeuvre en contexte de francophonie à l’échelle nationale. - Dr. Didier MWEWA WA MWEWA
  • Planning for jobs and skills: the case of car manufacturers in the region of Tangiers. - Dr. Abderrahmane BELLALI
  • The position of the estate agent on the new-build market: exploiting knowledge asymmetry. - Dr. Sébastien BOURBON


  • The impact of financial and ownership structures in the performance of public-private partnerships: The case of member countries of the West African Monetary Union (UEMOA). - Dr. Kubeterzie Constantin DABIRE
  • HRM practices and social performance in international organisations: The case of the West African Development Bank. - Dr. Amara KOUYATE
  • Exploring the question of the involvement of project management teams. The case of the World Bank. - Dr. Mikou Leopold N'GUESSAN
  • Quels outils pour identifier les capacités et compétences clés des entreprises manufacturières 4.0 de demain ? Cas particulier des entreprises des industries graphiques. - Dr. Yves DE TERNAY
  • Crowdfunded cooperative banks: an innovative post-crisis business model. - Dr. Mohamed EL KHAYMA
  • The negotiation process in outside takeovers of SMEs: The buyer's perspective. - Dr. Thierry LAMARQUE
  • Accelerating financial inclusion in African countries: strengthening cooperation between actors though a three-dimensional approach - Dr. Rozen KONE
  • Comment un évènement grand public peut déclencher du bouche-a-oreille positif : le cas des évènement de lancement de film. - Dr. Olivier KOVARSKI
  • Managers engaging in professional doctoral studies in Business and management - motivational drivers, facilitators and barriers. - Dr. Hendrik LOHSE


  • HRM practices, social performance and cultures in Senegalese business organisations. - Dr. Touba FALL
  • Public management and decentralisation in West Africa: An analysis of the influence of managerial practices on the provision of high-quality services by the Nigerian authorities - Dr. Alhassane AZAOUA SILIMANE
  • The business model of SMEs exporting fresh mangos from Burkina Faso, and integration into the European market. - Dr. Yacouba DIALLO
  • The role of the local environment and the profile of managers for business performance: the case of nascent interim ICT markets in Senegal. - Dr. Bécaye DIARRA
  • The involvement of stakeholders in developing the sustainability of private higher education institutions: the case of Mali. - Dr. Mohamad GAKOU
  • Regulation of electronic communications: the impact of compensation on the confidence in, and perceived quality of, a regulatory authority’s customer complaints system: the case of ARCEP-BENIN. - Dr. Coovi Hervé GUEDEGBE
  • E-advertising and traditional media: Factors driving use and factors influencing buyer behaviour: the case of Burkina Faso. - Dr. Bertrand KIMA
  • The role of governance in risk management systems: The case of a sample of banks located in Mali. - Dr. Dramane SIDIBE
  • How to measure the effectiveness of Monitoring and Evaluation systems in development programmes? The case of West Africa. - Dr. Abdourahmane BA
  • Organizational ambidexterity for medium-sized firms in a context of growing uncertainty. - Dr. Jean-Christophe BOGAERT
  • The satisfaction of local partners in international alliances: The case of joint ventures in Algeria - Dr. Malik BOUACIDA
  • Risk management and construction projects in a turbulent environment: the case of Algeria. - Dr. Joseph EL HELOU
  • The concept of dynamic capabilities deployed in practice: Mapping of dynamic capabilities in an organizational transformation project - Dr. Pieter JONGEPIER
  • The organizational structure of Customs Agents in Senegal: A configurational analysis and some problem areas. - Dr. Omar WADE
  • The organisation of the Telecommunications Regulation Authorities: what link with the development and performance of the telecommunications sector? The case of the country members of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA). - Dr. Hassoumi ASSOUMANA
  • Pleasure at work in French Business Schools. - Dr. Miriam SCHMIDKONZ
  • Does the new theory on ontological integrity offer new perspectives for management practice? - Dr. Luc LABELLE


  • Evaluation of spin-offs in the context of corporate social responsibility – The experience of the National electricity Board in the Tunisian public sector. - Dr. Mohsen BEN ALI
  • Risk factors in the development of development projects in Senegal. - Dr. Papa Modou NDIAYE
  • Communication de crise dans les PME facteur de résilience. - Dr. Raymond SFEIR


  • The influence of users' participation on the success of information systems. - Dr. Cédric BAUDET
  • Tétranormalisation et management stratégique du territoire. Le cas du Grand Genève. - Dr. Vincent MOTTET
  • Managers and their adaptive performance. A proposal for a training approach centred on the adaptive performance of middle managers. - Dr. Fréderic FAVRE
  • The demonstration of economic value for innovative health technologies: the case of rare diseases and genomics. - Dr. Gabriel TREMBLAY
  • Drivers and barriers to cloud computing adoption: A Delphi expert panel survey - Dr. Karim ALIBHAY
  • The management of a private clinic in Tunisia: translating and aligning for better management practice. - Dr. Hédi GUELMAMI